15cwt Bedford MWD 4x2 G.S.

Il camion 15-cwt fu uno dei piu' usati dall'Esercito Inglese. Prodotto dalla Morris dal 1934, fu costruito in 230.000 unita'.

The 15-cwt truck was one of the types most used by the British Army. Morris started series production from 1934 end over 230,000 units was produced.

                          Dati caratteristici/Specifications
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lunghezza  14' 4,5" length   14' 4,5"
larghezza  6' 6,5" width   6' 6,5"
altezza  5' 3"   height  5' 3"
motore  Bedford 6 cilindri 72 bhp engine power   Bedford 6 cyl 72 bhp
freni  idraulici brakes  hydraulic
peso  2 tons 5cwt weight   2 tons 5cwt