Centaur MKIV -75mm-

80 di questi carri furono usati dai marines inglesi durante la prima fase dello sbarco in Normandia. Assolto questo compito fu per motivi pratici trasformato nel carro Cromwell versioni X e III e successivamente in carro porta-munizioni.

80 such Centaurs were to have formed the first wave of the D-Day assault by Royal Marines Armored Support Group. The Centaurs that were converted to Cromwells by installing Meteor engine becoming the Cromwell X then later Cromwell III. They were also provided, with armoured sleds to carry extra ammunition.

                           Dati caratteristici/Specifications
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lunghezza 6,35 m length 20 ft 10 in
larghezza 2,89 m width 9 ft 6 in
altezza 2,49 m height 8 ft
motore Nutfield Liberty 12 cil, 27,040 cc engine power  Nutfield Liberty cly 12, 27,040 cc
velocitÓ 43 Km/h speed 26,7 mph
armamento 95 mm, 1 or 2 "7,62 mm Besa" weapons 95 mm, 1 or 2 "7,62 mm Besa"
peso 27 t weight 27 tons
equipaggio 5 crew 5